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Linoleum Flooring in Dawson Creek

Linoleum floors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and are able to accommodate a multitude of residential and commercial applications. Considered to be one of the more eco-friendly flooring options, this type of flooring is made from renewable organic materials that are fused into a single layer. Higher quality linoleum flooring is often used in commercial applications where more rigid materials would crack.


  • Naturally antibacterial and biodegradable
  • Resists stains, scratches and other forms of surface damage
  • Extremely durable, high-quality brands can last up to 25 years
  • Easy and quick to install

Caring for Your Linoleum Floors

Like all other types of flooring, keeping your linoleum floors clean is the best way to maintain them. Wipe up any liquids that come in contact with your flooring quickly, since excess moisture can sometimes cause your floors to become warped. Avoid using harsh bleach-based cleaners, as these may dissolve the glue that holds the planks to your floorboard.

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Quality Brand Names - We sell and install products from the industry’s leading manufacturers
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