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Custom Hardwood Flooring in Dawson Creek

Sleek and elegant, hardwood flooring is a highly sought-after commodity for many of today’s homebuyers. Not only does choosing this type of flooring increase your home’s property value, it can also add a serene and natural character to your space. When properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for more than 25 years.


  • Never goes out of style and always highly sought after by homebuyers – can significantly increase your property’s value
  • More comfortable to walk on than harder synthetic flooring

Choosing a Hardwood Finish

Most types of hardwood flooring available today come pre-coated and pre-oiled to facilitate quick and easy installation. Polyurethane is the coating of choice since it’s designed to provide increased durability while still allowing the wood’s natural grain and texture to shine through. The most common finishes are semi-gloss, satin and matte.

  • Semi-gloss finishes provide a high level of shine, while satin finishes are a bit more subdued in comparison. Both kinds of finishes require a bit more care than matte finishes, but provide a richer tone to your space.
  • Matte finishes are less shiny, but won’t dull as easily as semi-gloss and satin finishes. They’re perfect for children, pets and high-traffic areas. Choose this option if practicality is your top priority.

Maintaining Your Floors

Caring for your hardwood flooring is very easy nowadays, since most kinds come with a durable and scratch-free coating. However, it’s always important to avoid using any harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia-based products when cleaning. These will quickly eat away at your floor’s protective coating, making them more susceptible to scratching. When moving heavy furniture around, be sure to use rollers or protective padding. Finally, to prevent undue warping you may want to install a hygrometer to measure and keep your home’s relative humidity between 35% and 65%.

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